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I’ve never placed my dreams in the hands of a multi-level marketing company. Never sold, never joined. Neither have any of my closest friends or immediate family members.

I did buy from MLMs during a time in my life when I was surrounded by them without knowing what they were. Liked what I bought, mostly.

So why would I create this website?

I listened. I read. I absorbed hours and hours of firsthand and secondhand accounts, studies, income disclosure statements, compensation plans, and news. I listened to those who left MLMs and those who are still selling and recruiting for them.

And slowly, a picture came together—a picture of a rich and powerful industry weaving a spell of glamour over the passionate, success-yearning souls tethering their wills and bank accounts to the industry’s every command. Hundreds and thousands of souls across the industry over the past few decades, and so very few make money. And the ones who do make money, make their money at the cost of those beneath them. There’s no winning for anyone.

Few can buck this trend. Few can rise from the bottom to the top without deceiving others, and few can make money through selling only, without having to recruit fresh passion and wallets for their MLM.

Why aren’t there even more voices against MLMs? Because MLMs train their people to silence the voices who leave in defeat. They silence any negative comment, any concern, any criticism. They draw people in with a positive message of self-empowerment, then bombard them when they leave with negative messages of guilt, blame, and indifference.

I don’t have the bias of someone currently participating in an MLM, nor the bias of having watched a close friend or family member suffer in an MLM. What I have are the pieces of a picture, and I intend to do my best to present those pieces to MLM fans and non-fans alike.

I’m not here to ruin anyone’s business or livelihood. I’m here to help people understand how MLMs really work and end up harming so many. I’m here to show that people have a LOT more reasons for not supporting MLMs than simply because “they’re haters with nothing better to do” or “they’re just jealous” or “they’re just a bitter former seller who didn’t work hard enough.” I’m here to promote healing, justice, and true empowerment that will never end in guilt or blame.

That is my why.


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